The first round of award nominations are in!

Our esteemed judging panels are undertaking a marathon Festival of intense Fringe consumption, fuelled by a love of art, coffee and maybe something a little stronger of the alcoholic variety (we’re speculating). The “Best in Category” awards, judging the best in Visual Arts & Film, Experimental, Dance, Theatre, Comedy and Cabaret, will be announced on Sunday night at our Awards Night and Closing Party. Make sure you join us – it’s online, so you can go from party to pillow in a matter of minutes.

In the meantime, you’ve got 5 more days to catch these potential award-winning shows before the Festival wraps up.

Nominated events include two one-on-one Zoom experiences (Best Theatre nominee Charlie and Best Comedy nominee The Biscuit Readings), two events you can watch in person through a window or livestream online (Best Visual Arts & Film nominee DC Style Fylez: House of Fashion and Best Experimental nominee Conservatory) and a magnificent variety showcase celebrating nearly 150 brilliant cabaret performances who are who are Indigenous and/or Bla(c)k and/or people of colour (Best Cabaret nominee The People of Cabaret).

If you missed out on catching any of these hot-ticket events in their original seasons, you’re in luck. A bunch of them have added extra shows, including Best Comedy nominee Dazza and Keif Go Viral in Space with Ya Mum, Best Cabaret nominee Trash Talk, Best Dance nominee Take Over! 2020: Drishti, Best Theatres nominees Ember, Fat Kids are Harder to Kidnap on Zoom and A Suffocating Choking Feeling (Digital Experiment) and Best Experimental nominee Take Over! 2020: The Crying Room. Check out our guide to new and added shows here for a second chance at all the shows you thought you’d missed.

See the full list of nominees here