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Our BFFs (Best Fringe Friends)

Melbourne Fringe is a not-for-profit organisation with a support team we love as much as our mums. We couldn’t make the Festival happen without our amazing donors, so thanks. You’re the best, chuck out the rest.

Champion – $25,000+
  • The Beeton Family Fund, a sub-fund of the Australian Communities Foundation
  • Daniel Besen
  • Canny Quine Foundation
  • Michael Kantor
  • Craig Semple
Cheerleader – $10,000+
  • Debbie Dadon AM
  • Vallejo Gantner
  • Phlyssa Koshland
  • Monica Lim and Konfir Kabo
  • Paul Wheelton AM and Angela Wheelton OAM
  • Anonymous (2)
Companion – $5,000+
  • Monica and Sam Abrahams
  • John and Lorraine Bates
  • The Cowen family
  • Anna Foley and Dashiell Gantner
  • David Hanrahan
  • Jim Hart of the Hart Line Fund, a sub-fund of the Australian Communities Foundation
  • Dr Jenepher Martin
  • Penny Miles
  • Paul Wheelton AM KSJ and Angela Wheelton OAM DSJ
Conspirator – $2,500+
  • Jane Bate & Eryl Morgan
  • Susanne Dahn, a giving fund in the APS Foundation
  • Rosemary Forbes and Ian Hocking
  • Adrian Healy and Luke Exell
  • Michael Jankie and Vivienne Poznanski
  • Rupert Myer AO
  • Ricci Swart
  • Rosemary Walls
  • Pinky Watson
  • Anonymous (1)
Collaborator – $1,000+
  • Simon Bedford
  • The Sally Browne Fund, a sub-fund of the Australian Communities Foundation
  • Jason Craig
  • Ron and Margaret Dobell Foundation
  • Kerry Gardner AM and Andrew Myer AM
  • Cr Jamal Hakim
  • Natalie Hickey
  • Damien Hodgkinson
  • Michael Jankie
  • Maggie Maguire OAM of MOGGS, a sub-fund of Australian Communities Foundation
  • Fiona McGauchie and James Penlidis
  • Melissa McShane
  • Arphad Mihaly
  • Promotix Pty Ltd
  • Christopher Reed
  • Anne Runhardt and Glen Reindel
  • Lucy Schnall
  • Toby Sullivan
  • Leonard Vary and Matt Collins AM QC
Confidante – $500+
  • Dennis Altman AM
  • Meghan Bourke
  • Lee Casey
  • Eloise Curry
  • Paul Duldig
  • Graeme Gherashe
  • Paul Gonzalez
  • Stephanie Hamilton
  • Felicia Jong
  • Jenny and Peter Levi
  • Virginia Lovett and Rose Hiscock
  • Heather Martin
  • Kaylene O’Neill
  • Mary Parker
  • Juanita Pope and Declan Fay
  • Jacky and Rupert Sherwood
  • Lynne Sherwood
  • Fiona Sweet and Paul Newcombe
  • Richard Watts
Comrade – $200+
  • Frankie Airey and Stephen Solly
  • Julia Adams
  • Nicole Beyer
  • Nicole and Nick Birrell
  • Mark and Tamara Boldiston
  • Elizabeth and Hugh Bradlow
  • The Camm family
  • Greg Castle
  • Richard Chambers
  • Melinda Clarke
  • Helen Donnard
  • Milan Filipovic
  • Helen and Matt Franzi
  • Wilma Giles-Corti
  • Rinske Ginsberg
  • Ian Greer
  • Jane Hansen AO
  • Emer Harrington
  • Jerry Hodgins
  • Stacy Holman Jones
  • Mike Hyde
  • Richard King AM and Andrea King
  • Robyn Lansdowne
  • Daniel Leighton
  • Pete Manasantivongs
  • Sam McMillan
  • Caitlin McNaughton
  • Georgie Meyer
  • Felix Moon
  • Jason Murphy
  • Sharon Nathani
  • Nichole O'Duffy
  • Julian Pocock
  • Bertha Rubin and Ron Elisha
  • Clive Scott AM
  • Kristy Shields
  • Andrea Stahel
  • Tim Stitz and Petra Kalive
  • Christopher Thomas
  • Fiona Wahr
  • Claire Wilcock
  • Anonymous (1)
Fringe Community – Up to $200
  • We would also like to thank all of our wonderful community of donors that give so generously. Thanks for your ongoing support. You’re all legends.
Fringe Inner Circle
  • We would like to thank members of our Fringe Inner Circle including Daniel Besen, Michael Kantor and Craig Semple.
Pulse Giving Circle
  • We would like to thank members of our Pulse Giving Circle including the Cowen family, Dr Jenepher Martin, Fiona McGauchie and James Penlidis, Melissa McShane, Christopher Reed, Rosemary Walls and Pinky Watson.
Dead Fringers' Society
  • Thank you to Mark and Tamara Boldiston, and Melissa McShane for their generous bequests to Melbourne Fringe.
  • To find out more about leaving a gift in your will, contact miranda@melbournefringe.com.au