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Our Supporters

Melbourne Fringe is a not-for-profit organisation wtih a support team we love as much as our mums. We couldn’t make the Festival happen without our amazing donors, so thanks. You’re the best, chuck out the rest.

Special Projects
Fringe Furniture for Gender Equality

Naomi Milgrom Foundation


John and Lorraine Bates
Debbie Dadon
Rosemary Forbes and Ian Hocking
Rosemary Walls and Pinky Watson consortium
Michael Watt and Cecilie Hall

Ralph McLean Microgrants

Michael Agar and Caroline Farmer

Tamara and Mark Boldiston
Jason Craig
Maggie Maguire OAM

Fringe Supporters
Creator – $10,000+

Michael Kantor and Silvia Frassoni
Craig Semple

Discoverer – $5,000+

Linda Herd
Jewel Box Performances
Dr Jenepher Martin
James McCaughey

Explorer – $2,500+

Sam and Monica Abrahams
Ron and Margaret Dobell Foundation
Phlyssa Koshland

Innovator – $1,000+

Sally Browne Fund, Australian Communities Foundation
Lyndsey Cattermole AM
Jason Craig
Carolyn and Peter Creswell
Rupert Myer AO
Peter Wetenhall and Jo Horgan

Rabblerouser – $500+

Fiona Brook, on behalf of Zilla & Brook
Steven Carew
Liza Gelt
Sue Giles and Ian Pidd
David Geoffrey Hall
Michael Hyde
R & A King
Kath M Mainland CBE
Fiona McGauchie
Matthew Morse and Paris Jansen
Paul Muller
Gideon Obarzanek
Kaylene O’Neill
Juanita Pope
Jill Smith in honour of Joan Kirner
Leonard Vary
Sue Woodward

Accomplice – $200+

Ros Abercrombie
Julia Adams
Esther Anatolitis
Sarah Austin and Nicholas Verginis
Sally Basser
Xanthe Beesley
Nicole Beyer and Alice Nash
Tamara and Mark Boldiston
Meghan Bourke
Richard Chambers
Caroline Chernov and Nick Cox
Eloise Curry
Rinske Ginsberg
Stephanie Hamilton
Matthew Jones
Nicky Klempfner and Marcus O’Reilly
Benjamin Lee
Michele Lee
Sabina Lunja
Peter Manasantivongs
Lou Oppenheim
Anda Petrapsch
Felix Preval
Tony Ridler
Bertha Rubin and Ron Elisha
Lucy Schnall
Clive Scott
Andrea Stahel
Tim Stitz and Petra Kalive
Hon. Heidi Victoria MP
Kevin and Liz Walsh
Anonymous (1)

Fringe Community – Up to $200

We would also like to thank all of our wonderful Community donors that give so generously. Thank you for your ongoing support.


Thank you to Mark and Tamara Boldiston for their generous bequest to Melbourne Fringe.

To find out more about leaving a gift in your will, contact