When Forest Fringe meets Melbourne Fringe...

Jun 22nd, 2017

The conversation’s going global as Forest Fringe comes to Melbourne’s Fringe. Where is the chemistry between these two odd-outliers on the Fringes? Well, that chemistry could be YOU. Read More

May your winter be CREATIVE

Jun 14th, 2017

We all know that Melbourne winter can be pretty chilly but don’t worry, this winter we are here to warm up your body and soul with our Creative Workshops... Read More

Up with the sun? Get an Early Bird discount!

Apr 28th, 2017

Are you the type that likes to get up early, catch that worm and save some $$?? ... Be an Early Bird this Fringe and... Read More

We want to meet YOU at FAQ (#3)

Apr 21st, 2017

Come along, meet the team and find out all you need to know to register your event at the 2017 Melbourne Fringe. Get... Read More


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