Ethics, Diversity and Equity

Melbourne Fringe provides a platform for those on the margins of our society, inviting people in from the fringes and onto centre-stage to create, present or participate in just about anything you can imagine – and some things you can’t.

Through a range of programs and initiatives, we continue our commitment to reducing barriers to access, championing ethics and pushing for diversity and cultural equity in the arts.

While paperwork might not be the most glamourous parts of the arts, we recognise that actionable, accountable policies are needed to advance big ideas and track their progress. That’s why we’ve created three comprehensive documents that provide us with a map forward as we strive for equity in the arts. Over the next five years, our Equity Action Plan, our Reconciliation Action Plan, and our Deaf and Disability Inclusion Action Plan will guide our work as we continue to improve the representation and the cultural safety of people in our five communities of focus – First Nations people, Deaf and Disabled people, people of colour, women and non-binary people, and the LGBTQIA+ communities.

The world is fucked and we don’t pretend to have the answers.

The artists of Melbourne Fringe have opinions, perspectives and political positions as varied as the art they make.

We unequivocally state that Melbourne Fringe’s purpose is to create a platform for artistic freedom and free expression where different viewpoints by many people can be heard safely. We do not tolerate any hatred, racism, violence, vilification, bigotry or bullying.

We know that the arts can bring people together and foster inclusivity, and we implore our community to treat each other with empathy, respect and understanding of our differences.