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唧喳工坊 – Jizha Atelier



作为一个居于墨尔本的华语艺术家,你遇到些什么困难? 对于本地的文化和艺术业界是否了解? 是否知道知己在华语族群里的优点和强项是什么? 如何接触本地的艺术实践机会和资源,让你的创意发光发亮? 是否认识在墨尔本其他的华语艺术家朋友,与你共同合作和分享经历? 如果你也对这些问题感兴趣,来唧喳工坊和大家一起聊聊吧。


  • 华语艺术圈的交流
  • 了解澳洲各地,包括市区和偏远地区的艺术和文化环境
  • 如何寻找机会和资源,巩固个人艺术事业
  • 了解不同的艺术形式的可能性,如社区参与艺术、艺术与科技等


  • 在2024年墨尔本艺穗节(Melbourne Fringe Festival)上发表作品的机会
  • 艺术家费用(金额取决于项目规模)
  • 制作支持
  • 一对一艺术指导
按此查看繁體中文版本 | Traditional Chinese Translation

Jizha Atelier is Melbourne’s first creative professional development program for Chinese speaking artists to further their creative careers.

Throughout March, April, May 2023, Curatorial Collective will run six interactive workshops for Chinese speaking artists to come together to learn from industry experts, share knowledge and network.

Sessions will cover topics such as:

  • Getting to know the Chinese speaking arts community
  • Navigating the local, national and regional arts and culture context
  • How to find opportunities, resources and enhance a creative career
  • Understanding the potential of different art forms, such as community-engaged arts, contemporary performing arts, art and technology
  • Following the workshops, interested and selected artists will be supported to present their work at the 2024 Melbourne Fringe Festival.

Support will include:

  • An artist fee (depends on project scale)
  • Production support
  • One-on-one mentoring


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This project is supported by Peter Wilson and Toby Sullivan