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CLUB FRINGE: 3 Minutes to Save the World

With only three minutes on the clock and a world to save, it’s a tall order for these Fringe artists.

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A crowd of people stand in a dark room, looking at an empty stage. There is a countdown timer on a screen at the back of the stage that reads 0:00. There is a light haze in the room, and blue and pink lights point in different directions.

Image Credit: Duncan Jacob

  • Presented by: Melbourne Fringe

Short, sweet and weird as hell – Melbourne's boldest deliver bite-sized acts of art-heroism to fight off the chaos of a world about to end.

This line-up of superheroes with a stopwatch will bust out micro-performances that push boundaries and time limits. Throughout the night, tiny acts big on ambition pop up and pop off in a rapid-fire round of unconventional, unpredictable, unmissable action.

Featuring the incredible Yumi Umiumare, David Woods and Jon Haynes of Ridiculusmus, PONY CAM, the wrestlers of Mythos: Ragnarok, satanic panic incarnate: Lilium, Jet Stir and Moxie Delite from their new show, Outer Demons, as well as Jonathan Homsey, Daniel Nodder, the dancers of i know the end., Sarah Ward & Bec Matthews, and Tara Boom!

DJ'd by the absurd and fantastic Outlaw Princess (Kerith Manderson-Galvin & Darby Dupe)

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