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Now in its 37th year, Design Fringe continues to celebrate the ambitious, the iconic and the avant-garde at its home at Linden New Art.


An evolution of the inimitable Fringe Furniture, Design Fringe is a bold platform for designers at all stages of their career to create pieces in an ever-expanding array of design art forms.

Design Fringe is Melbourne Fringe’s annual contemporary design exhibition that celebrates innovation across all facets of the industry, showcasing bold new ideas and amplifying the work of ambitious designers. It provides a space for designers to exhibit innovative creations and push the limits of traditional notions of design, featuring a broad cross section of works from textiles, jewellery, furniture, ceramics, through to architectural and civic design.


Our Design Fringe provocation in 2023, Speculation: Eight Billion Little Utopias, invites Australian designers to imagine a future in which imagination and provocation become the central concern of design practise. Not to solve problems or make products, but to start conversations and prompt us to think about imaginary futures, reframing our societies, communities, politics and ideals as catalysts for conversations.


Design Fringe will feature:

· A Design Fringe suite of public programs including tours, talks and workshops

· A range of diversity initiatives, including a mentorship program and subsidies for female and non-binary designers

· A brand new First Nations commission

· An awards program


In addition to this program of events, in 2023 we will launch our Design Fringe Ambassadors program, featuring established designers including past participants to deepen our engagement with the object design industry. We will also offer two mentorships to emerging designers, providing them the opportunity to learn from experts, gaining valuable insights and guidance to further their careers.


 Registrations for Design Fringe in 2023 are now closed.

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