Marching into a new month with brand-new events and opportunities

Well, March is here, which means it’s a year since last March which means… we don’t need to remind you what that means. We feel so lucky to be putting on in-person events again – check out our what’s on page to see what’s coming up at Fringe Common Rooms. We’re launching our full program in the next couple of months (we’re currently taking EOIs so if you’ve got an event that needs a home, let us know!

In the meantime check out some excellent comedy, and of course fan-favourite Mr McClelland’s Finishing School for all your indie pop needs.

The looming pandem-iversary is making us a bit reflective about all the things we’ve done in the last year. The Melbourne Fringe team spent 2020 prepping one million and one different Festival models, developing a bespoke digital platform (including putting on a second festival) and perfecting the art of using camera filters on Zoom. What eventuated was a mostly digital Festival (plus a lil’ bit of IRL) with over 2,000 artists presenting over 250 bold and brilliant events.

Then, on 22 November at 11:59pm, the very moment COVID-19 restrictions lifted, we swung open the doors to Ormond Hall to 100 happy show-goers, bringing people together for our city’s first live show in eight months with Midnight Mess.

ICYMI (we don’t blame you, tickets sold out in minutes), we captured some footage and turned it into to this joyful, heartwarming and soul-nourishing 2-minute video.

So, we’re forging forward into March and a (hopefully) slightly less topsy-turvy year (wishful thinking?). We’ve just advertised a new role, Program Coordinator (Artists and Venues), aimed at supporting the career development of a person with disability or who is Deaf or hard of hearing. If you, or anyone you know would be great for this role get in touch and spread the word!

Plus, we’ve got some awesome paid artist opportunities at Fringe Common Rooms and we’re currently programming the venue for May-August. So, if you’ve got an event that needs a loving home, submit an EOI now. You can watch our Program Manager (Common Rooms) Ali Coad telling you all about it below!


Image: Awards Night, Melbourne Fringe Festival 2020. Photo by Duncan Jacob.