Melbourne Fringe Festival Awards 2020

Melbourne Fringe Awards are an opportunity for Melbourne’s arts community to celebrate and acknowledge the diversity, professionalism and exceptional quality of work in each year’s Festival.

At Melbourne Fringe we present four different types of awards:

Best in Category Awards
Touring Awards
Professional Development Awards
Special Awards
Information about Awards Eligibility can be found here.

Best Cabaret
Lousical the Musical (Lou Wall)

Best Comedy
Patrick Collins – The New Nine (Patrick Collins)

Best Dance & Physical Theatre 
Take Over! 2020: Drishti (Govind Pillai & Raina Peterson, Karma Dance)

Best Experimental 
Take Over! 2020: The Crying Room (Marcus Ian McKenzie)

Best Music  
The Dollar Bin Darlings present “Mind The Dancer” (Aunty Jonny of The Dollar Bin Darlings)

Best Theatre 
落叶归根 (Luò yè guī gēn) Getting Home (Cheryl Ho and Rachel Lee)

Best Visual Arts & Film   
DC Style Fylez: House of Fashion (DC Style Fylez)

Best Words & Ideas
Take Over! 2020 : Namummaa fi Wantoota Namummaa Qancarsan – Humanness and What Took It (Soretti Kadir)