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Overwhelmed by choice? Too many shows, too little time?

Never fear. We get you. There’s so much to soak up that it can be a tad bamboozling, so we’ve kept an eye on the highlight reel for you. Here’s the run-down on some of the top picks of the festival so far with a little something for everyone. Whether you’re keen for some colourful cabaret, fresh new writing or ab-work-out-level comedy, we’ve got the scoop for you right here. Just read on.

First up, Grace DeMorgan’s Quite Drunk, Very Jesus-y has been generating buzz all over town. Developed as part of The Wheeler Centre Hot Desk Fellowship, this new work “raises questions about friendship, morality, and the choices we make and the choices we can live with,” (Australian Stage) as it deals with the hot topics of religion and politics. It’s on at the Trades Hall until 22 September, so there’s still time to nab a ticket.

Sharing the Trades Hall till the 22nd is Liam MaGuire’s Wrath, a searing look at corporate life where “Agatha Christie meets The Office” (The Age) seriously, who wouldn’t swoon at such a combo? Alternatively, in a little room on the first floor of the Hall is It All Sparks Joy, where Dylan Cole plays a hoarder attempting to declutter his life, armed with Marie Kondo and a bit of emotional baggage. Whether you’re a KonMari advocate or a magpie and happy about it, you’ll find something here (Aerohavenoreview). It’s on till the 29th but be quick – tickets are flying.

For those feeling daring, Moira Finucane’s The Rapture Chapter 2: Art vs Extinction is on at Fortyfivedownstairs until September 29 with a bit of everything to keep you on your toes – burlesque, comedy, poetry and visual art coalesce, tackling climate change head-on whilst remaining “funny, playful and intelligent” (ArtsHub). Or you could check out circus performer Anna Lumb’s Hard To Reach Places, another much-talked-about one-woman show that reads as a “highly absorbing feminist carnival” (My Melbourne Arts). Yes, we’re excited, too. Get yourself moving down to the Trades Hall spit-spot – it’s only on until the 20th, and you really don’t want to miss it.

On the other end of the spectrum, Railed offers a truly wild Friday night for those looking for something steamy – and hilarious. This “Western-themed circus burlesque” (The Age) is full of serious eye-candy and even more seriously impressive stunts, playing at the Wonderland Spiegeltent until the 25th. If you’re looking for something a bit more low-key but still laugh-out-loud funny, head to the Colonial Hotel for the highly-acclaimed Kings of Comedy Fringe Showcase (you can even get a dinner/show package – Saturday night sorted). And if you’re at a loose end this Friday, go check out Wednesday morning 3am for the final night of a one-man, one-hour tour de force of the world, the universe and everything that nevertheless stays light and musical (Theatre Travels review).

Still not sure? Weird, but okay. Don’t worry – there’s loads coming up and we’re keen to tell you all about it. Watch this space!


Written by Caroline Dehn

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