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If you need a little help deciding what to see, these reviews can help guide you.

16 – 19 September (7:15pm)

“Paul Richards delivers ‘Montreal’ …with such a grounded dedication and finesse.”
Read Plus One’s review here

14 – 21 September (9.00pm)
Fringe Hub: Arts House
“They create a world of bizarre characters such as rat loving cowboys, quarreling cats, desert travelers of indeterminate ethnicity and cheeky elves that delights and confuses.”
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Untitled No. 7
18 – 21 September (8:00pm)

Fringe Hub: Arts House
★★★★ “an energetic and knowing performance.”
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Stark. Dark. Albert Park.
14 – 22 September (7.45pm)
Gasworks Arts Park 
“Carefully cast and cleverly directed by Elizabeth Walley – well rehearsed and a comfortable length…”
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Wool! A History of Australia’s Wool Industry: The Musical
16 – 22 September (6:30pm)
Fringe Hub: Lith Club
“Wool!…is freakin’ awesome.”
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Tomfoolery – The Words and Music of Tom Lehrer
19 – 22 September (9:30pm)

Gasworks Arts Park 
“The show is simply great fun both for an audience and…its cast.”
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Stark and Dormy
18 – 29 September (7:45pm)

Fringe Hub: Arts House
“it sure is one hell of an entertaining ride.”
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Alone Outside
14 – 29 September (6.45pm)
Fringe Hub: Arts House
★★★★★ “She captures our hearts before we have a chance to realise, only to suddenly feel her heart break as if it were your own.”
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Cam Venn – Charles Horse Lays an Egg
14 – 29 September (6.45pm)
Fringe Hub: Lith Club
“Why? Because he is funny as heck, and actually lays an egg.”
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