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Melbourne Fringe Festival 2019 in numbers

This September, Melbourne Fringe presents an 18-day celebration of independent art, presenting 455 genre-busting events in over 140 different venues right across Melbourne. Across the Festival, diversity is key with an eye-popping 2,718 artists participating and 132 artists identifying as Deaf or with disability. Fringe also champions gender equality, with 1,545 female identifying artists presenting work. Melbourne Fringe Festival 2019 Guide can be downloaded here and is under embargo until 9.00pm on 9 August.

Melbourne Fringe Festival 2019 in numbers

  • 455 shows/events
  • 2,851 performances
  • 283 World premieres
  • 304 Australian premieres
  • 348 Victorian premieres
  • 32 international events
  • 164 international artists
  • 41 interstate events (i.e. tours)
  • 170 interstate artists

Melbourne Fringe Festival artists facts

  • 2,718 total artists
  • 1,545 Female identifying (57%)
  • 125 gender diverse artists
  • 80 ATSI performers (3%)
  • 132 artists who are deaf or have disability (5%)
  • 520 CALD performers (19%)

Other interesting Fringe stats

  • 2 Shows performed entirely in Mandarin
  • 6 events by/about neuro-queer artists
  • 3 events in inflatable venues
  • 9 events about climate change
  • 4 events with an audience of one
  • 4 visual art created live as a performance work

Melbourne Fringe ignites the city from 12 to 29 September 2019 with a gloriously playful celebration of independent art. See established and emerging artists stand side-by-side, to make Fringe a fun, affordable way to experience art in Melbourne – can you handle the truth?

Melbourne Fringe was established in 1982 as an annual open access festival that champions cultural democracy and supports anyone to participate in the arts. Fringe programs include the annual design exhibition Fringe Furniture, participatory public art commissions, children’s programs as well as its First Nations program Deadly Fringe, disability and Deaf arts programs, mentorships, workshops, residencies, forums, awards and touring support.