We like making you laugh - Here’s the low-down on a couple of comedy options

We get it. You like to laugh. And we like making you laugh. We considered sending someone round to surprise tickle you, but that seemed like a recipe for disaster – so instead we’ve conveniently put together a cheeky 2.5 weeks of non-stop lols, just for you. Here’s the low-down on a couple of your stand-up, sketch, clown and weird-hybrid comedy options.

Renowned satirists Toby Halligan and Mathew Kenneally take on the Strayan national identity in Mateship 2017 – More Dutto than Dutto, a patriotic hour of power featuring standup comedy, surprise segments and special guests. It’s all happening Northside, too – head to the Brunswick Green.

Feeling monogamish? Erotic Intelligence for Dummies (see image on the left) is a scandalously layered trifle of love, lust and learning that takes a long, hard, cross-eyed look at the complexities of intimate relationships. Whether you’re swinging, poly, celibate or a unicorn, head to the Fringe Hub and join the love-in!

Say you saw it first, as award-winning stand-up and SBS Comedy writer Lauren Bok trials A Bok In Progress, a brand new work-in-progress, in which she takes on progress itself. How many more times can we say progress? You’ve got four chances to catch it at the Metropolitan Hotel.

Somewhere between a split bill and an all-out dog fight, comics Sam Bowden and David Woodhead are two of the most charming dogs ever rescued from the comedy pound. In A Couple Of Charming Dog, you’re set for a night of good times, good jokes, and some good ol’ ruff-housing. Check them out at the Imperial. It’s gonna get weird, but these are two dogs that are too charming to put down!