Everything is Art* (for 2.5 weeks)

The wait is finally over. Melbourne Fringe’s Festival program has dropped and we are set to occupy the city for 2.5 weeks.

Why is 2017 so different? Glad you asked. Not only are we asking people to step out of their echo own personal echo chambers but we are transforming everything into art for 2.5 glorious weeks.

Tickets are on sale now. Save some bucks and check out our list of Early Bird tickets. If you wanna get those worms you better hurry, our Early Bird prices are only available until the 20 August.

If 440 Fringe events are too many and you don’t know where to start, let us guide you through. Check out our guides to Fringe for suggested itineraries. Or you can just start with our Made by Fringe programs, quality guaranteed (wink).