2018 Award Nominations

Our judges have been racing around all Festival and our first batch of awards nominations have come in, so here are the nominations.

Best Performance Nominations
  • 19 weeks (no more sessions available)
  • Cockroach (27 – 29 Sept, 9:15pm, Fringe Hub: Arts House)
  • Lou Wall’s Drag Race  (27 – 29 Sept, 9:15pm, Fringe Hub: Lith Club)
  • My Best Dead Friend (no more sessions available)

    PURGASTORY (27 – 29 Sept, 7:45pm, Fringe Hub: Lith Club)
  • The Boy, George (29 Sept, 5:00pm, Errols & Co.)
  • Turtle (no more sessions available)
  • Untitled No. 7 (no more sessions available)

Our judges are excellent human beings and are busy seeing more shows as we speak. More nominations may be coming.

Best Comedy Nominations
  • 10 Things I Hate About Taming of the Shrew (27 – 30 Sept, 8:30pm, Belleville)
  • Bob Franklin – Yours Sincerely (no more sessions available)
  • Born Prepared: 1980s Brownie Guide (no more sessions available)
  • Charity Werk: Community Service (no more sessions available)
  • Sam Campbell – The Trough (no more sessions available)
  • Stark and Dormy (27 – 29 Sept, 7:45pm, Fringe Hub: Arts House)
  • Sweaty Pits – Pity Party! (27 – 30 Sept, 10:00pm, Butterfly Club)
  • The 2007 Wonthaggi Blue Light Disco (no more sessions available)

Did we mention how awesome and busy our judges are? Well, they’re still seeing shows, so watch this space as more nominations may be coming!

Best Cabaret Nominations
  • Baby Bi Bi Bi (no sessions available)
  • Creatures of the Deep (no more sessions available)
  • Death and Other Things (27 – 30 Set, 8:30pm, Butterfly Club)
  • Jude Perl: I Have a Face (no more sessions available)
  • Thy Neighbour (27 Sept, 8:00pm Fringe Hub: Arts House)

More nominations may come, our judges are still seeing work and at Fringe, you never know when the next gem is around the corner.