The Book of Divergence

A unique choose-your-own-adventure DJ story dance event. Choose your fate while you dance your way!

  • Devised by: Matt Frequencies

  • Lighting design: The Violet Bombshell

The Book of Divergence, a new take on DJing from the “only a couple of screws short of a toolbox” brain of Matt Frequencies!

In this choose your own adventure DJ performance, you’ll be in charge of where the musical story goes.

Will you end up at war with the machines on earth, or even hell, following Brother Seth into a heavy metal, drum and bass mechanical nightmare?

Perhaps you’ll find peace following the teachings of Father Mathew, in a trance and euphoric dance sermon from the Church of Bass?

Or maybe, MAYBE, you’ll descend into a glitched, dubstepped, violin orchestral journey through FRENZY as you try to escape the Glitch’s grasp!

One thing is for sure, with a supporting short story from the incredible local talent of DV5K (30th June) or Kaizo_Trap (28th July), the afternoon is sure to bring surprises to everyone in the room – including the DJs!

Come discover The Book of Divergence and dance in on a sermon at the Church of Bass – the power is in your hands...

In this event:

1x 30 minute short story
1x 60 minute sermon of the Book of Divergence (the chapter: Duality)
Post-performance stick around as you’ll be offered the Artifact of Divergence, a special item that you can improve over time...

Note that there is NO FOOD OR DRINK offered at this event and we request no food brought in – dance floors and burgers don’t mix!

Come with a mind to follow the narrative and participate, and you’ll get the most out of your experience – this is not a passive event.

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