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  • 30.07.18

Join the Crowd – Support Fringe Artists

Check out all the amazing artists currently running crowd funding campaigns for their Melbourne Fringe 2018 projects, shows and events.

Whether you’re able to give a little or give a lot, every donation helps our artists to realise their Fringe-y dreams.

There are some great rewards and incentives on offer, so donate what you can, and wrap yourself in the warm fuzzy feelings that come from knowing you’ve helped an artist Make Sh*t Happen.




Colour Correction




Creatrix Tiara: Queer Lady Magician


Creatures of the Deep


Dog Show


Fiesta del Barrio



Somebody’s Somebody


Speaking of Which

Surface Area

The 24 Hour Dance Project



The Cot Story Installation


The Date


The Good Person Recipe


Twink Ascending


Unconscious Volcanoes


Woody’s World: The Ukulele Kids Show

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