• Fringe Festival

Princess Truffles

A very silly show about romantic desperation, hope and failure.

  • Directed by: Fabio Motta

  • Written by: Alice Daly

  • : Alice Daly and Fabio Motta

Princess Truffles wakes in her tower. Today is her 1425th day of waiting for her prince, and she’s starting to realise that he may never arrive.

What’s to become of a 46-year-old princess who’s never kissed so much as a frog? Whose hair is too thin to work as a rope ladder? And whose feet are too wide to fit into even the most accommodating glass slipper?

Luckily, today Truffles has an audience to help her answer these questions, in between attempts to woo any potential suitors with song and seductive dancing to 90s RnB. Will tonight be the night she finds her prince?

Princess Truffles is double billed with Mykonos Explodes!. See 2 shows in 1 night for just $40! The discount automatically applies when putting both shows Full Price tickets in your basket. Add tickets to this event HERE.