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Marketing 101 Workshop 2024

Want the hottest tips and tricks on how to market your Fringe event? You're in the right place!

  • Presented by: Laura Milke Garner (MILKE)

Welcome to Marketing 101. This workshop is jam-packed with practical information about how to let the world know about your Melbourne Fringe event, on a budget. Designed for independent producers and self-producing artists across all disciplines, you'll learn all the basics:
• How to define your audience
• What artists need to be doing in 2024 to nail their marketing
• What you need and how to build your marketing assets
• Social Media tips and tricks.
• Video marketing techniques

Plus a Q&A with host Laura Milke Garner will let you ask all your burning questions about how best to market your 2024 Melbourne Fringe Festival event.
Whether you're a first-time-Fringer or you've been around the traps, there's something for you in this marketing how-to.

Hosted by Laura Milke Garner (MILKE), an award-winning producer, mentor and advocate for the arts in Australia. She has been producing events, shows and touring productions for over 27 years. In 2008, she established her own company MILKE to help artists produce their work, while also providing 1:1 mentorship, workshop and producers looking to develop their artistic careers.

MILKE has just launched The Producer Lab - year round training and workshops for producers. Find out more here - www.milke.com.au

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