• Fringe Festival

In Search of Lost Scroll

An immersive online experience.

  • Written and Directed by: Vidya Rajan

Vidya Rajan got lost, and now she must be found.
(if she'd just turn on her geolocation, it would be a lot easier, but apparently she doesn't want to?? ffs)

She was raised by the good lord msn messenger and came of age in that dense swampland between web 1.0 & web 3.0.
{ What happened to the old internet??? She's gone!! }

Now she insists something feels like .... it's gone off.
[you feel it too..... you know it to be true...]

In Search of Lost Scroll is an interactive experience for one and many that takes place fully online from the safety of your keyboard.

Sign up for a wild & moving quest (*we need you, brave scroller*) into what we become when we disperse ourselves into the portal.

A playful and personal probe at identity, community, and the idea of anonymity in a world that always wants to know more, this is a new work of digital contemporary performance from DECK.

Written and directed by Vidya Rajan
Web design by Scott Limbrick
Creative coding by Patrick Rehill & Vidya Rajan
Sound design by Xanthea O'connor
Consulting by James Collopy

In Search of Lost Scroll is supported by a Fringe Digital Discovery commission.

double-entry-cloud-keeping (DECK) are a collective of artists who like to make interactive performance art, games and irl & url experiences for the rats of the internet (non-rats also welcome).