• Fringe Festival

A very normal dinner with your parents

An improv comedy show set in your family home, starring the people who love you most – your parents!

Central to this image is a close up of a rotisserie cooked chicken on a white plate with its orange-ish chicken juice pooling underneath it, all on top of a wooden dining table background. A piece of the chicken breast has been ripped off by an unseen person revealing the sinewy white meat within – it doesn't look very appetising. Placed behind and in front of the chicken, slightly out of focus, are side dishes; there are bright green peas, a green bottle of sparkling water, the stem of a wine glass, and then another plate with some salad greens, a red tomato, and what could be the missing piece of chicken breast – a blurry dinner knife is next to this plate. At the bottom of the image there are the edges of two more plates suggesting the table is set for a normal, suburban, family dinner.

Image Credit: Ece Mustafoff

  • Created by: Allen Dorsey, Ece Mustafoff and Kirsten Law

Left u a voicemail! Can see you online on facebook : - / mum and I prefer calls not SMS because of data breach. Also be on the lookout for A.I scams! AUNT SONIA SENT A LADY $3000 :-O No good!! Easy question, r u free tomrrw for dinner 6pm. Would you eat lamb or are u back on Veegan? Shanks on special, very good <3 <3 Dad

Time for that visit you've put off for way too long! 'A very normal dinner with your parents' is an improvised comedy show set in your parents' dining room. Join them for an evening of familial love and laughter that will remind you why you moved out. Too close to home is just the beginning.