Visual Arts & Film

  • Fringe Festival

'A Rainbow of Tomorrows' Life Drawing

Encapsulate the figures of posing Blak queer icons

  • Curated by: Stone Motherless Cold

  • Presented by: Koorie Heritage Trust

Experiment and practice your artistic technique while in the presence of Blak beauty, exploring Blak sexuality and presentation - a study in subverting the history of the white gaze and implementing documentation under the models command.

'A Rainbow of Tomorrows' exhibition envisages a Blak queer utopia, one that keeps building the blocks of the Blak queer renaissance, reclaiming and decolonising utopian and dystopian fantasies.

This project received Cash to Create through the Fringe Fund, as part of Deadly Fringe.

Supported by Craig Semple and Paul & Angela Wheelton