Visual Arts & Film

  • Fringe Festival

‘A Rainbow of Tomorrows’ Exhibition

A group exhibition exploring Blak queer futurism

  • Curated by: Stone Motherless Cold

  • Presented by: Koorie Heritage Trust

The apocalypse has come, already living in a dystopian world, you are invited into ‘A Rainbow of Tomorrows’, to gather and celebrate in sanctum. Though, what does a Blak queer utopia look like right now? Tomorrow? Or many yesterdays ago? As our apocalypse was the beginning of a colonial ‘utopia’. First Nations peoples have been busy and are tired of resisting and surviving against a colonial dream, one that makes no space for queer Blak folks. 'A Rainbow of Tomorrows’ envisages a Blak queer utopia, one that keeps building the blocks of the Blak queer renaissance, reclaiming and decolonising utopian and dystopian fantasies.

Exhibition opens from 9th October to 20th November, gallery open 10am-5pm

Opening Night: 8th October 6:30pm

This project received Cash to Create through the Fringe Fund, as part of Deadly Fringe.

Supported by Craig Semple and Paul & Angela Wheelton

Please note, the Closing Night event planned for Saturday 12 November will not longer be proceeding.