• Fringe Festival

A Lovely Day To Be Online

A gig-turned-musical-turned-existential-crisis.

  • Written by: Connor Morel

  • Musical Director: William Conway

  • : Casey Gould

Singer-songwriter and self-obsessed internet addict Connor Morel fronts a live band in this original gig-theatre show that asks: are we doing the internet right? Is the 1st video of a cat playing the piano as good as the 80th? Is the convenience that of being able to talk to anyone worth the inconvenience of everyone being able to talk? And would life just be easier without it all?

From the fake Instagram influencers, to the radical keyboard warriors; the scamming crypto hackers to the obsessive YouTube addicts: we’re all in the sauce. But is it all going too far? And what would it take for us to realise it is?

Full of original soul-pop tunes, stories, memes and a whole lot of heart, this show delves into the humanity of how we use the internet, and how it preys on us when we’re at our worst.

Supported by Geelong Arts Centre, A Lovely Day To Be Online is a hilarious look into internet culture, and a glaring critique into who we become when we leave the real world.