• Fringe Festival

A Knight at the Movies

A musical epic through your favourite movie hits, from fantasy realms to outer space.

  • Produced by: Harmony Sounds

  • In Association With: Kelly Rae - Soprano

  • : Casey Fitzpatrick - Lutenist

Come and spend a Knight at the Movies that you won’t forget!

A medieval musical journey through time and space, featuring a Middle Ages spin on songs from the screen. From the fiery pits of Mordor to the gardens of Westeros, then to outer space, it's music like you have never heard it before in the cosy and intimate Basement at Caz Reitops Dirty Secrets.

Featuring WAAPA graduates Sarah Susanne Jackson (soprano/harp), Kelly Rae (soprano) and Casey Fitzpatrick (lute), this family-friendly choice will serenade everyone from the conservative music lover to the film and video game buff.

Just don’t forget to toss a coin to your Witcher on the way out!