• Fringe Festival

A Happening.

In Which The Artist Will Discover Truth.

  • Performed by: Jenni Townsend

  • Produced by: Lukas Quinn

Provocative. Avant-Garde. A third word.

These adjectives are how the Artist describes themselves.

After a disastrous run of immersive digital pieces, the Artist has returned with another "important", "very serious" and "I will prove it to you" performance to reassert her place in the upper echelons of the art world.

This time the Artist will be staging unique performance art Happenings in the Dadaist tradition in-person with the aim to transcend reality and reveal pure human truths.

This new work has been entitled "PERSPECTIVE" and each night will be a never-before-seen, novel and never-to-be-repeated Happening that will illuminate the rifts in our society. What could go wrong? It definitely won't end in chaos. As long as the audience doesn't turn on her again...

Immersive. Absurdist. Improv. More adjectives.