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Registrations Working Bee 2024

Come and work on your Fringe registration at our Working Bee!

Need a hand getting your registration across the finish line? Have questions about registering for Fringe that you'd like to ask in person?

We’re hosting two informal drop-in Working Bee events, where we've rallied up a bunch of Fringe staff to help you cross the Ts and dot the Is. Each session will be joined by a number of Fringe staff from Artist Services teams.

This is an event for anyone who wants to smash out some parts of their registration in a supportive environment. Think of it like having rego accountability buddies to work alongside, with all your questions answered.

Please RSVP to this session HERE.

Sessions are drop-in, over the following times:
Fri 7 June, 10:30am - 1pm
Mon 17 June, 4pm - 7pm

Please note: If you have access needs that mean you'd prefer to work on your registration in-person with our team, we're more than happy to help! If English is your second or third language, or are having any other barriers to completing your registration, please feel free to come on down and our friendly Fringe team will do everything what we can to assist.