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RAPTURE: A Musical Journey of Transformation

An Exploration of Pizzica and Tarantella

  • Created by: Rosa Voto

"Rapture" beckons you into a world where music, dance, and art intertwine to unveil the untold stories of women and their journey towards healing. Inspired by the ancient Southern Italian ritual of Pizzica, this immersive show promises an exploration of the healing power of music, interwoven with narratives of women through time.

Conceived by Rosa Voto, founder of Melbourne School of Tarantella, "Rapture" is a groundbreaking collaboration. The stage pulsates with the captivating movements of the dance troupe, harmonized with the soul-stirring melodies of the Sanacori band. Iranian musician Misagh Zamani adds a cross-cultural dimension, blending diverse influences into a harmonious symphony.

This multidisciplinary masterpiece invites you to delve into the mystical world of Pizzica, where music transcends boundaries to heal and unite. Through live music, mesmerizing dance, evocative visual art, and poignant spoken word, "Rapture" illuminates history, culture, and the resilience of women.