• Common Rooms

Assigned Magician At Birth

A witty, fast-paced, satire of contemporary magic shows and a story of self-discovery

  • Created and Performed by: Tricksy Collins

  • Produced by: Olly Lawrence, Heartfelt Havoc

  • Technical Manager: Ellen Perriment

Not everything is as it appears, and no one knows this better than Tricksy (nee Patrick) Collins; an openly transgender and neurodivergent comedian, and professional magician. She's won Best Comedy at Melbourne Fringe 2020, been nominated for the Golden Gibbo and Green Room awards, and is the host of Melbourne's favourite alternative comedy night, Shrub Comedy. Now she's back with a brand-new show, a lot more hair, and many newfound facts about herself.

Over the course of an hour join Tricksy on a journey through dozens of mind boggling stage illusions, fast-paced sketch comedy, and introspective standup to confront the idea of deception, from its innocent use in stage illusions to its complicated association with identity, gender and masking. This show is a witty satire of contemporary magic shows, and a story of self-discovery. It's about what we hide and what we reveal. And about doing whatever makes your community, brain and gender happy, even if it’s being a f*cking magician.