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Guides to Fringe

With more than 120 events in the 2021 Melbourne Fringe Festival it can be hard to make your mind up. We’ve made your life a little easier by creating a handy bunch of Guides to Fringe.

Queer art lover? Check out our LGBTQIA+ Guide to Fringe. Keen to get involved? Our interactive guide is for you. Fan of free things? We’ve got ‘em.

Click on the boxes below to get a whole list of shows that fit the theme that speaks to you.

Free Guide to Fringe

A bumper selection of zero-dollar shows and events that’ll tickle all your fancies.

First Nations Voices Guide to Fringe

Grab a ticket for the very best of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander art, direct from Fringe to you.

Feminist Guide to Fringe

A full banquet of shows and events serving you hot feminist themes through the classic medium of Fringe.

LGBTQIA+ Guide to Fringe

All the shows bursting at its sequined seams with the very best of the very queer.

Deaf & Disabled Arts Guide to Fringe

Bringing together work exploring disability as a theme, and work made by and for Deaf and Disabled artists.

Kids Guide to Fringe

You’re guaranteed to find something perfect for the smalls, extra smalls or just the small at heart.

Fringe Dwellers Guide to Fringe

All these shows are offering special prices just to say thankyou for being a friend.

Fringe Binge Guide to Fringe

Pick up tickets to three or more of these participating events and you’ll save yourself rich with 15% off full-price ticket.

Award Winning Guide to Fringe

You’re guaranteed to be backing a winner with one of these award-winning shows.

Flexible Pricing Guide to Fringe

These shows are offering flexible pricing options, allowing you to see shows at a price you can afford.

Best of 2020 Guide to Fringe

The year 2020 didn’t have much going for it, but these shows are award-winning diamonds in the rough.

Mob Tickets Guide to Fringe

These shows are offering Mob Tickets, aka sizzling discounts for First Nations audience members and communities.

Selling Fast Guide to Fringe

Tickets for these shows are in short supply so get in quick.

Early Halloween Guide to Fringe

From the spooky to the shocking, these shows all have something horrifyingly fun to offer.

Experimental Sounds Guide to Fringe

Our catalogue of all the shows in the Festival doing exciting and ground-breaking experiments with sounds and music

Out & About Guide to Fringe

Get up out of your seat and come along for the ride with these roaming shows that will literally take you on a journey.

House Party Guide to Fringe

Move the coffee table, dust off your sequins and pour yourself a bev for these loungeroom dance parties and singalongs.

Passive Viewing Guide to Fringe

Kick back, relax and enjoy these Fringe shows that are all give and no take.

Different Every Night Guide to Fringe

These shows reinvent themselves night on night!

Home Delivered Guide to Fringe

Keep an eye on your letterbox with these shows that have a home delivered component for those playing along at home.

IBPoC Voices Guide to Fringe

A one-stop shop for the incredible collection of Fringe art championing the rich perspectives of our IBPoC artists. 

Panel Chats Guide to Fringe

Tune in to these insightful panel chats and conversations with creatives, industry leaders and experts.

Interactive Guide to Fringe

These immersive and interactive events are a unique opportunity for you to be in the driver’s seat.