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Live and breathe Fringe? Want to save money? Want to climb the corporate ladder while maintaining your friendships and likeable persona? Well, we can help you with the first two. Become a Fringe Dweller and save up to 25% off select shows at the Festival AND in our year-round venue, Fringe Common Rooms. Plus you get heaps of other Fringey benefits, including:

  • A special Dwellers promo code for use at our Fringe VCR Bar during the Festival – delicious drinks delivered straight to your door
  • Drinks discounts all year round at the Fringe Common Rooms bar – ‘cause members should never pay full price
  • Ticket giveaways during the festival just for Dwellers to any show in the Festival, and we’ll pay the artist for the tickets – everybody wins
  • A monthly newsletter packed with giveaways all year round – everyone loves a freebie

Our Fringe Dwellers are winners all year round.

Don’t dwell on it. Join now for $35!
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A person with their fists clenched and in the air, and a big smile on their face. The lighting is dark , but highlights their face.
Club Fringe, Melbourne Fringe Festival 2019. Photo by: Duncan Jacob.