Donate – Lordy, lordy we’re turning 40.

Legacy Program

Let us reiterate, we don’t want you to die, but when you do, feel free to leave us your money.

For 40 years, Fringe has served up a smorgasbord of bold, brave and remarkable creative works. We provide independent artists with the space to take a risk and try something new. We kickstart careers and create the next ‘who’s who’ of the Australian arts industry. We challenge perceptions, shake up the hierarchy, we are bold and unafraid to explore the boundaries of art and to the change the way you see the world.

As you can see, we’re extremely ambitious. Our imagination is limitless, but our resources are not.

A gift to Melbourne Fringe in your will is the superhero way to help secure the long-term future of Australia’s most adventurous, inclusive and all-encompassing multi-artform festival (that’s us!).

What to do next

Leaving a gift in your will is surprisingly easy. We can help you with some of the most common bequests and suggested wording for your will, but it’s best to contact your solicitor to make sure your intentions are accurately reflected. While we could support an artist to make a show about leaving a bequest, the ‘real deal’ is best left to the professionals.

Once it’s confirmed, share the proof of bequest with us and you will instantly be a part of our legacy program. Yes, while you’re still alive. It’s that easy. It’s like a donation on lay-by, in a strange, creepy way.

You’ll become a permanent member of the Melbourne Fringe family, with your support acknowledged in perpetuity. And you’ll be the first to find out about the next adventure we’re taking – and come on it with us.

For more information, please contact Miranda Borman, Head of Development, at or 03 9660 9600.

Opening Night Party, Melbourne Fringe Festival 2019. Photo by Theresa Harrison.