How do I find a venue? Glad you asked because there are three different paths to finding that perfect venue. To help you, check out these handy hints or contact Tom and Tom. No, that’s not a typo but Tom and Tom are part of our awesome Artist Services team, call them on 03 9660 9600 (just ask for Tom) or schedule an appointment to chat with them here.


Apply to be part of the program at one of our Fringe-run venues in North Melbourne. The Fringe Hub is your Fringe home-away-from-home, with 10 different rooms and Fringe events of every size, shape and flavour. How do you know if your event is suitable? Hub events tend to share the following characteristics:

  • Are light on infrastructure, able to work with a shared lighting rig and are well suited to the multi-show black box-style Fringe Hub spaces
  • Can be bumped in and out within a shared window of 10 - 15 minutes
  • Share the Fringe philosophy of celebrating outsider status, ideas from the margins and difference
  • Are able to understand who their work is aimed at and know how to reach that audience

To be part of the Fringe Hub, you need to submit an Expression of Interest separate to your registration.  
Before you do, please read the Fringe Hub info pack, then give Xanthe Beesley (our inimitable Independent Program Producer) a quick call to discuss your application on 03 9660 9600 or make an appointment here.

Expressions of Interest for the Fringe Hub close WED 26 APR

Download Fringe Hub Info Pack 

Download Fringe Hub Info Pack (Plain text version)

Download Fringe Hub Tech Specs

Register your Expression of Interest 


There are lots of fantastic venues across Melbourne that make up Melbourne Fringe. You can apply to be part of one of the programs hosted at established venues right across Melbourne. Different venues have different flavours – some have separate EOI forms and due dates, so contact them directly.

Go to Venues and Expression of Interest forms

Plus, there’s loads of other venues that are happy to talk to you directly without having to go through an Expression of Interest process. You can use the Venue function in our registration site hosted by Eventotron to search for a venue that suits your work - give them a hoy and make a booking directly. 


You can always go your own way, do your own thing and present wherever you like. Your lounge room, a bookshop, the kebab shop, a tram. (Maybe check with us before you pick ‘tram’). Details need to be confirmed by the registration closing date - 29 MAY.

If you have secured that venue of your dreams – yes that show with a kabab on a tram – but need help with your venue agreement, we have a handy little template for you.

Download Venue Agreement Template

Download the How to Register a Venue guide on the registration site


 Ready to go? 

Register Now

Preview the registration site. You can start the registration process any time by creating an account and password and you can save the form and return to complete it before MON 29 MAY.