As An Artist

The Games We Play

Let’s play. The 2018 Melbourne Fringe Festival explores THE GAMES WE PLAY  – how we play, where we play , and the game-players themselves.

At Fringe, you can make a work about anything.  That’s what makes our un-curated festival so great – we accept all registrations, in any artform, about any topic, by anyone at all.

But this year, we’ll be especially excited to hear from people who consider the playful in the everyday – what games do you play, and where? Who with? What can adults learn from the most playful among us, children? How might breaking the rules make us look at the world differently? And how can we channel (and remain) playful while challenging power structures?

We are inviting you to especially think about how play and games (in all their forms) sit at the heart of our everyday experience – on our screens, in our bodies, in the city around us. This is a chance to shine a light on the spoken (and unspoken) rules that dictate our day-to-day. Can games help us look at the world in a different way?

Did that spark anything for you?

Fringe is an invitation to play – and you’re the game-master. Game on, molls.

a kid crawling on the floor in a performing space
Kids Club, Melbourne Fringe 2017, Photo by Theresa Harrison.