As An Artist

Do Some Sums

‘Budget’ might not be the sexiest word in the English language, but you should know how many dollarydoos you need to put on a show.



Free (including free ticketed) event $275
One-off paid event $315
2-3 paid sessions/performances $365
4+ paid sessions/performances $430

Be an Early Bird and save $50 off your registration by registering before 13 May.

Registrations close on 31 May.


What do I get for my Registration Fees?

Other than the warm and fuzzies of being part of our Festival. WELL…

  • Inclusion in our Festival Guide (50,000+ copies distributed throughout Melbourne)
  • A dedicated listing on our website
  • Year-round support and access to Fringe staff (aka MENSA but smarter)
  • Artist development opportunities
  • Free information sessions
  • Access to a wide range of artist resources
  • Discounts on advertising
  • Touring and awards opportunities
  • The sacred Fringe Artist Pass, granting you access to hundreds of Festival shows for free, and sweet drink discounts.

You can read more about our Money for Art program here.

Ticket Prices

You made the art, and it’s up to you to decide what it’s worth (don’t sell yourself short). Get out your abacus and start crunching some numbers.

  • Will your event be free, or will you charge for tickets? If your event is free, do you need audiences to pre-book a ticket or can they just turn up?
  • Does it make more sense as a one-off event, or will you have a season, running it over a period of days at different times?
  • How many shows do you need to sell to make sure you’re not out of pocket at the end of your Fringe season?
  • What will Aunty Pam happily pay to attend your event?

Need some help setting your prices? As a bit of a guide, the average ticket price across the 2018 Festival is $22. But remember, that is just the average ticket price, and there’s plenty around the $30 mark. Usually Cheap Tuesday, Group and Preview ticket prices are similar to Concession price tickets.

  • Do you want to share the Fringe love with our Fringe members by offering Fringe Dwellers 25% on full price tickets? (Our trusty loyal ticket buyers).
  • Do you want to offer punters your show as part of our Fringe Binge 3+ show 15% discount pack? (Help your fellow Fringe artists and get punters buying more tix!)
  • Do you want to sign up for Fringe’s Early Bird ticket price and encourage Aunty Pam to buy her tickets early (getting bums on seats quicker)?

Melbourne Fringe runs its own phone and online ticketing system, so we’ll administer all your online and phone advance ticket sales. The only thing we don’t do is sell tickets at the door – that’s up to you.

One final thing to remember when setting your prices is that there is an inside charge per ticket – this inside charge must be included in the ticket price you advertise for your event. For all tickets sold through the Melbourne Fringe ticketing system (online, over the phone or at our box offices), we will retain the following amounts per ticket:

  • Inside charge for tickets under $15: $3.00
  • Inside charge for tickets $15 – $24.50: $3.50
  • Inside charge for tickets $25 – $39.50: $4.00
  • Inside charge for tickets $40 and over: $4.50

So, if you require $15 from your ticket for your budgeted sales income, your advertised ticket price should be $18.50 ($15 to you plus the $3.50 service charge to Melbourne Fringe). The prices you nominate during registrations, and advertise to the general public, must include the inside charge.

What is this inside charge for you ask? The inside charge allows us to sell your tickets online and over the phone, as well as in person at our box offices in Fed Square and the Fringe Hub – it ensures that a friendly Fringe voice is always at the other end of the phone to help take bookings or deal with any ticketing issues.

We don’t take any of the money from tickets you sell on the door at your event (one hour prior to the performance), but your venue may, so keep this in mind.

If your event is free (and ticketed), then we won’t charge you for the first 300 tickets you issue. After that tickets are just $0.30 each.

And because we get that sometimes art + maths = help!, here is a handy guide to budgets, money and grants, plus a budget template that does the maths for you.

Download our guide to Budgets, Money and Grants

Download our guide to Budgets, Money and Grants (Plain Text)

Download Budget Template