As An Artist

Budget (Boojay!)

In the immortal words of Her Royal Highness Donna Summer – she works hard for the money; so hard for it, honey. We get that Fringe happens on a budget, so here’s everything you need to know about the dollars and cents side of things: 

Melbourne Fringe Registration Fees
  • If your event is Free; or is a One-off Paid Event – $275
  • If your event has 2-3 Paid Sessions – $355
  • If your event has 4+ Paid Sessions – $425

As the old saying goes, early rego = good, late rego = bad. Late fees apply for registrations submitted after the closing date – get cracking!

What do I get for my rego fee?

What even is a Registration Fee? It’s a one-off expense that helps us help you, covering everything from:

  • Inclusion in our Festival Guide and dedicated listing on our website
  • Year-round support and access to Fringe staff (aka a brains trust worth millions)
  • Artist development opportunities
  • Free information sessions
  • Discounts on advertising
  • Touring and awards opportunities
  • The all-coveted artist pass, granting you access to hundreds of Festival shows for free! Plus you get discounts on drinks! DISCOUNTS ON DRINKS, PEOPLE. Walk, don’t run.
Money for Art

Fringe is about big ideas, not big budgets. So, to give you a helping hand (and by ‘helping hand’ we mean ‘cold hard cash’), we’ve teamed up with some amazing friends of Fringe to create a Microgrants program, which is exactly what it sounds like – micro-grants, mini ones, to help your Fringe idea take flight.

Applications for our Money for Art Programs have closed for 2018.

You can read more about our Money for Art program here.

Ticket Prices

You made the art, now sell it to the people. It’s up to you to decide what your work is worth (hint: it could be more than you think). So, grab a calculator – or, if you’re not an accountant from the 90s, your phone – and do sum sums. Things to think about:

  • Will your event be free, or will you charge for tickets? If your event is free, do you need audiences to pre-book a ticket or can they just turn up?
  • Does it make more sense as a one-off event, or will you have a season, running it over a period of days at different times?
  • How many shows do you need to sell to make sure you’re not out of pocket at the end of your Fringe season?
  • What will Uncle Terry happily pay to attend your event?

Need some help setting your prices? Usually Cheap Tuesday, Group and Preview ticket prices are similar to Concession price tickets. Do you want to share the Fringe love with our Fringe Dwellers members by offering Fringe Dwellers 25% on full price tickets? (They’re our most loyal ticket buyers so it’s a clever marketing ploy). Do you want to sign up for Fringe’s Early Bird ticket price and encourage Uncle Terry to buy his tickets early (this is very handy for reducing your stress levels come Festival time)? As a bit of a guide, the average ticket price across the 2017 Festival was $23.44. But remember, that was the average ticket price, and there’s plenty around the $30 mark.

Melbourne Fringe runs its own phone and online ticketing system, so we’ll administer all your online and phone advance ticket sales. The only thing we don’t do is sell tickets at the door – that’s up to you.

One final thing to remember when setting your prices is that each ticket booked through Fringe will have an inside charge – that’s a fee we charge you per ticket. This charge helps us ensure that a friendly Fringe face (voice) is always at the other end of the phone to help take bookings or deal with any ticketing issues.

The inside charges should be included in your advertised ticket price – it’s against the law to advertise this charge separately. Inside charges are:

  • Tickets under $15 – Inside Charge is $3.00
  • Tickets $15-$24.50 – Inside Charge is $3.50
  • Tickets $25-$39.50 – Inside Charge is $4.00
  • Tickets $40 and over – Inside Charge is $4.50

If your event is free (and ticketed), then we won’t charge you for the first 500 tickets you issue. After that tickets are just $0.30 each.

And because we get that sometimes art + maths = help!, here is a handy guide to help you budget for your Fringe event, and a budget template that does the maths for you.

Download How to Budget for your Fringe Event

Download Budget Template