In Fringe Furniture

Fringe Furniture 33 Provocation: UNITE

Object design has the unique opportunity to bring people together.

Through the different elements of design – lighting, furniture, tableware, sculpture, and other unimaginable things – we are able to celebrate our individuality and our differences, while acknowledging the things that bind us together.

With Melbourne Fringe's relocation to Trades Hall – we focus on the power of collective action as a social movement to explore the individual versus the collective, as we come together, united, to shift and change perspective – seeing things differently to help re-vision our futures, together.

What is the power of the object to give voice to the marginalised, to create change and to be a vessel for radical ideas? How might design be used as a political force to bring people together?

We are ready to explore all of this and more this year, are you with us?

Fringe Furniture 32, Melbourne Fringe 2018. Photo by Kristina Arnott