Artist Opportunities

Info Sessions

Our year-round hard-core hands-on support for artists, will help every step along the Great Road of the Festival – and beyond.

Our free Info Sessions (yes, they are all FREE and accessible because we want everyone to come) are packed with tips and tricks that will help you produce your work. There’s helpful information on marketing, social media, producing an accessible event and even a ‘self-care’ session with a psychologist (a professional one, no pop psychology here) that will help you look after yourself during those busy (and sometimes stressy) times. These sessions are presented by the Fringe team in collaboration with industry expert and master, the inimitable Laura Milke-Garner from MILKE.

You’ll be provided with bite-sized nuggets of knowledge that will help you make your event (maybe even your practice) the best it can be. These sessions are open to everyone (did we mention they were free?) and you don’t even have to be presenting at the Festival this year, so come down, bring your collaborators, bring your friends, you can even bring your Uncle Terry.

All Rego FAQs are FREE, Auslan interpreted, and held in accessible venues – click here to RSVP.

MILKE is Melbourne Fringe’s professional development partner.

A lady starring at a painting of a dog in an exhibition

Soul Mates, Melbourne Fringe 2016, Photo by Theresa Harrison

Dates and Time

Info Session 1: Self Care and the Festival Journey
Mon 4 Jun 2018, 6.30 PM, The Channel, Arts Centre Melbourne

We know Festival time = stress time. So we’ve invited a specialist performing arts psychologist Sarah Borg from Green Room Psychology to provide you with some tips to look after yourself and take care of your mental health in the lead up to and during the Festival. Sure, making art is important, selling tickets is crucial, project management is essential. But what’s the most important part of your Fringe event? YOU. We want you to be healthy and have a great time while participating in Fringe with some useful self-care tips and suggested practices for healthy living.

Fringe artists – we’ve got your back.

Watch the Info Session here.

Info Session 2: Money
Mon 18 Jun 2018, 6.30 PM, The Channel, Arts Centre Melbourne

If you’d like to avoid living off 2 Minute Noodles just to fund your Melbourne Fringe event, then this Fringe Info Session is for you. We’ll cover topics such as creating a realistic budget, managing cash flow, and finding out ways to bring some money in through crowd funding, creative partnerships and grants. Make sure you come along. We’ll go over the basics of how crowdfunding works and introduce you to the kind of campaigns other Melbourne Fringe artists run. We will also take you through some options for finding money beyond your Melbourne Fringe season including partnerships and council grants.

Watch the Info Session here.

Info Session 3: Marketing Campaign
Mon 2 Jul 2018, 6.30 PM, The Channel, Arts Centre Melbourne

“Gah! I want to sell tickets!”

We understand, that’s why we are running this handy Info Session. We’ll run through some of the different ways you can promote your work and help build your audience. Need to understand why it’s important for artists and producers to engage with media? It can be intimidating and difficult to find an approach, but never fear – we’re here to help!

In Info Session 3, you’ll learn to:

  • Identify who your audiences are and how to reach them;
  • How to put a plan in place to help you best promote your work;
  • Identify which media outlets are the best medium to publicise your work;
  • Define the key messages you want to communicate:
  • Pitch a story to different types of media.

Watch the Info Session here.

Info Session 4: Social Media
Mon 16 Jul 2018, 6.30 PM, The Channel, Arts Centre Melbourne

Welcome to the 21st Century! It’s time to learn how to use social media effectively, and we’re not just talking about the best angles for a selfie (sure, we will be covering GIFs).

We’re running a session solely devoted to creating a brilliant social media campaign. It’s cheap, its effective and an integral part of your campaign. We know it doesn’t come naturally to everyone, so here’s your chance to ask questions and get started.

In Info Session 4, you’ll find out:

  • how to use social media to build a story
  • how to engage audiences with creative content
  • how and where to spend your money
  • how to interact with Melbourne Fringe during the Festival

Bring your best social media game and we will do the rest.

Watch the Info Session here.

Info Session 5: Facebook Advertising
Mon 30 JUL 2018, 6.30 PM, The Channel, Arts Centre Melbourne

Yes, yes, yes, everyone is on Facebook. Your mum, your neighbour, your awkward date to the Year 12 formal, even your Uncle Terry is on Facebook. Facebook has the largest number of users compared to other social media platforms, so it makes sense to use it, right?

Just using a hashtag won’t cut through all the memes, bitmojis and milkshake ducks – you’re gonna need to put some money behind your promotion, but how? We are here to show you how to reach the right audience for your event and get more bang for your Facebook buck. You don’t need a huge marketing budget to reach over 1,000 people of Facebook (trust us, we should know), just some internet smarts and marketing savvy.

Bring your laptop, BYO social media accounts, and we’ll help you with the rest!

Watch the Info Session here.

Info Session 6: Tour Ready
Mon 3 Sept 2018, 6.30 PM, The Channel, Arts Centre Melbourne

Get your work on the road! Touring is an excellent opportunity for artists interested in developing their work and presenting it to new audiences outside of Melbourne. Our Tour Ready Info Session will prime emerging artists and producers with touring facts and help you to extend the life of your show beyond Festival presentation.

In this Networking Session, you’ll learn how to:

  • Identify which regional venues and interstate festivals are looking for touring work
  • Adapt work so that it is scalable and easy to tour
  • Manage all the considerations of touring, including travel costs, accommodation costs, publicity and approaches to new audiences.
All sessions are free, just click here to RSVP.