Artist Opportunities

Creative Workshops

Our Creative Workshops are part of our hardcore hands-on support Fringe provides independent artists, helping them with the creative nuts and bolts to produce their work. Facilitated by leading practitioners, these workshops are designed to question and challenge contemporary art practice.

Check out these pretty impressive opportunities below.

Workshop on Durational Performance

Japanese born Australian performance artist Yumi Umiumare – creator of the PopUp Tearoom Series – will show you ways to explore the simple, the mundane, the inane objects of the everyday to completely transform the way you can view the simple task such as boiling a billy! Yumi will guide you through elements of rituals, performance, installation to help you search for your own unique rituals and authentic movements that will help you transform your everyday actions into a rich imaginary world of performance installation. A background in dance, performance or art is not required. Join us!

DATE: Saturday 11 August
TIME: 9.00am with running time of 7 hours
VENUE: Hamer Hall Stage Door Suite
COST: $30

Presented by Arts Centre Melbourne and Melbourne Fringe.

Making, Collaborating and Touring Live Performance

From Norwich to New York to Brussels to Bunbury! Clare Bartholomew and Daniel Tobias, long time collaborators and creators of Salvador Dinosaur, have been everywhere and now you’ve got the chance to learn all the tips and tricks they’ve gathered from their time globetrotting at the world’s premiere performance, arts, fringe and rock festival scenes. Whether you’re at the beginning of your performing career or an experienced arts practitioner in need of some fresh perspective, this workshop will give you practical tools to assist with creating, producing and touring live performance. Lock in a day with these two creative masterminds – your future self will thank you.

DATE: Sunday 12 August
TIME: 10.00am with running time of 7 hours
VENUE: Hamer Hall Stage Door Suite
COST: $30

Presented by Arts Centre Melbourne and Melbourne Fringe.

Technique and choreography with Stephanie Lake

So you think you can dance? Wait until you meet Stephanie Lake. The workshop will consist of an advanced level contemporary technique class followed by a choreographic workshop. Working instinctually and playfully alongside an intricate, disciplined approach to dance making, participants will work with improvisation and rigour with an emphasis on the joy found in the creative process. This will be a chance to experience Stephanie’s gutsy physicality and rhythmically complex movement language, as well as a “way in” to develop your own choreography.

DATE: Thursday 23 August
TIME: 10.00am with running time of 3 hours
VENUE: NIDA Studio, 125 Sturt Street
COST: $20

Presented by Arts Centre Melbourne and Melbourne Fringe.

The Art of Decolonisation

Remember Candy Bowers who brought us Hyper-Fragility at the Melbourne Fringe Festival Club last year? This time Candy is presenting the workshop with Abbey Mag, Melanie Augustine, Ra Chapman and May Sabet with The Fall cast. An immersive and accessible theatre workshop featuring the cast of The Fall, mixing conversation, writing, poetry, movement and performance tasks within the context of the global movement of Decolonisation.

DATE: Friday 31 August
TIME: 11.00am with running time of 2 hours
VENUE: Hamer Hall Stage Door Suite

Presented by Arts Centre Melbourne and Melbourne Fringe.

Truth or Dare Creative Workshop

Melbourne Fringe invites you to be a part of the creation of a new live art work by internationally acclaimed artist Sibylle Peters, from Hamburg’s Theatre of Research. Truth or Dare crowdsources questions from young people and builds them into an interactive game, with adults and children working together to, yes, that’s right – play Truth or Dare.

Grownups – frankly the kids have a few questions for you, like: Why is it necessary to go to bed early? or Why can’t we play Fortnite all day? In return they promise to tell you the truth about something or do exactly what you tell them – this one time, at least. Are you game?

The game is set up as Kids Vs. Adults. Sibylle will have sourced questions and dares from the young people of Melbourne and now it’s time for the adults to have their say.

This one day creative workshop will generate new ideas for the project from an adult’s perspective, as well as play around with the content and contribute to the creation of a public outcome. This is a great opportunity to be involved in the creative process as part of an international residency. We have 5-10 places available for artists interested in working with Sibylle’s style of experimental transgenerational performance work.

The workshop will run on Saturday 15 September at Northcote Town Hall, and we would ideally like to work with artists who are also interested in seeing their ideas come to life by contributing in some way to the public outcome of the work, being held across the following weekend. Any questions, please get in touch with Associate Producer Patrick Hayes:


DATE: Saturday 15 September
TIME: 11.00 am – 6.00 pm
Venue: Northcote Town Hall


DATE: Saturday 22 & Sunday 23 September
TIME: 10:00am – 12:00pm & 2:00pm – 4.00 pm
Venue: Northcote Town Hall

The Truth or Dare Workshop is being presented by Melbourne Fringe and Darebin Arts as part of the 2018 Melbourne Fringe Festival Creative Workshop Series, with the support of Goethe Institut.