Artist Opportunities

Compass Navigate

Compass Navigate is our inclusive mentorship program for emerging producers and self-presenting artists looking to improve their business ‘know-how’, develop savvy networking skills or finesse their project planning.

This year, we offered five mentorships to participants who are presenting work at the 2018 Festival, or who might want to do so in the future.

You can read more about our 2018 Compass Navigate participants here.

Our selected artists have been paired with an industry mentor who provide them with bespoke professional and creative development advice. Our Compass Navigate artists have also participated in three Intensive Masterclass Workshops to develop essential producing skills including networking, audience engagement, grant writing, project planning, arts administration and that all important business and very technical ‘business know-how’.

Three of our Compass Navigate participants are presenting work at the 2018 Festival, check ’em out.

Rachel Edmonds is presenting Have You Tried Yoga? A performance exploring what it’s like being disabled when surrounded by empty gestures, echoing platitudes and wannabe heroes. Join Leisa Prowd for Not Normal, an evening of entertainment, enlightenment, performance, controversy and gasbaggery from a diverse and glittering panel of some of Victoria’s top female disability performers, speakers and writers. Jane Barry presents Scarborough, a polarising play that centres on two couples having a forbidden weekend away.

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Not Normal. Image courtesy of Leisa Prowd.