Out of the echo chamber

Melbourne Fringe artists can make work about anything they like. It's their art, their rules. For those wanting a little of bit of fr-inspiration, we've thrown this provocation into the creative mix. 

Out of the echo chamber.

Use your art to take a stand. Go on. Dust off the soap box. Have a say. You’re a citizen and you have power in this increasingly turbulent democrazy. Change your mind, listen to a different perspective, and then change your mind again. 

We hear what we want to hear, saturating our socials with like-minded people and never, never reading the comments (except if you’re looking for a fight). So how can we expect anyone else to listen if we don’t hear what they have to say? In a post-truth world where ‘fake news’ drives disconnected and disaffected voters baying for change regardless of the consequences, it’s time to look at the world from a different angle.

Melbourne Fringe artists can make work about whatever they like. Your art. Your rules. But if you are looking for a little bit of inspiration, how’s this for a provocation: Can listening to different viewpoints shift our thinking? What new ideas can shake the ground under our feet? Who holds power? How can we loosen their grip? How do we get out of the social-media-echo-chambers that just bounce our ideals back at us?

Really, what we want to know is: what is the role of the artist as political provocateur?

Did we spark something new? Artists of Melbourne Fringe – your body, your voice, your work is political. Make a statement. Make a difference. Vote with your art.