When Forest Fringe meets Melbourne Fringe...
Jun 22, 2017

When Forest Fringe meets Melbourne Fringe...

The conversation’s going global as Forest Fringe comes to Melbourne’s Fringe. 

But like all relationships you may wonder, where is the chemistry between these two odd-outliers on the Fringes? Well, that chemistry could be YOU.

Welcome to our 10-day Forest Exchange Lab, a space for conversation, deep experimentation and creative exchange between three visiting artists from Forest Fringe and three local artists. Melbourne Fringe is seeking three local artists who are keen to exchange ideas and collaborate with international artists all the way from the Forest (well UK, Canada and Sydney to be precise). If you are a rebel or an artist who's willing to take risks, apply today!

Need more information? Download the expression of interest pack hereor attend our FAQ Info session at 6.30pm on Wednesday 5 July at the Substation.

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This is a once in a life time opportunity, so express your interest by 16 July.

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