Up with the sun? Get an Early Bird discount!
Apr 28, 2017

Up with the sun? Get an Early Bird discount!

Are you the type that likes to get up early, catch that worm and save some $$??

Be an Early Bird this Fringe and save $50 off the cost of your registration fee. To be eligible you must complete the entire Artist Registration process by MON 15 MAY. By complete, we mean all the info loaded into our registration system - venue, dates and times locked off, publicity photo and blurb uploaded and your registration fee paid. Complete. Done. Tick. Finished. Yay! 

Don't press snooze - get help to get in early!  Contact Tom or Tom (no, that’s not a typo they are both part of our awesome Artist Services team), Call them on 03 9660 9600 (just ask for Tom) or schedule an appointment to chat with them here.

Fifty bucks - that's 14 coffees or a 12" mirror ball, a half hour massage or 10 beers after your show at the Fringe Hub!



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