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Melbourne Fringe is a big, bold (and gloriously messy) celebration of independent art. From 14 SEPT - 1 OCT artists take over Melbourne’s streets, venues, clubs and even its lounge rooms in a Festival for anyone, including you.

No, we mean it. Fringe is proudly open access which means ANYONE can be in Fringe. You. Your Uncle Terry. You and your Uncle Terry. It’s an open playing field so dream big. Fringe is a perfect time to take a risk and push the envelope of your art-form. Fringe is a safe space, perfect for experimentation and discovery. Whatever you do, give it a red hot go.

Registrations are now open and close on the MON 29 MAY.

Register your event before the 15 MAY and receive an early bird discount of $50 off the cost of your registration.

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There are three ways you can get involved:

Be part of the Fringe Hub  - Apply to be part of the program at one of our Fringe-run venues in our Fringe Hub in North Melbourne. Expressions of Interest for the Fringe Hub close 10AM WED 26 APR. Find out more about being part of the Fringe Hub.

Be part of an established venue - Apply to be part of one of the many programs hosted at established venues right across Melbourne. Different venues have different flavours – you can use the venues section on our Registration Site to help you find the perfect place for your event and make contact with them directly.  Some have Expressions of Interest forms and due dates, so check them out and apply directly.

DIY Show, BYO venue – Go your own way, do your own thing, present wherever you like. A venue near you, your lounge room, a bookshop, the kebab shop, a tram. (Maybe check with us before you pick ‘tram’). Details need to be confirmed by the registration closing date on MON 29 MAY.  


Here is a handy checklist of the key things you’ll need by the due date to register your event:

  • An awesome event or a cracker of an idea*
  • A confirmed venue (talk to us if you need help finding one)
  • Dates of when you want to hold your event
  • Ticket prices (that’s if you want to charge $$, some events can be free)
  • A blurb describing your awesome event
  • A high res image that can be used for publicity and marketing

  * If you have a cracker of an idea, contact our friendly Artists Services team on 03 9660 9660 and discuss it with them.

Here’s our excellent how-to guides to help you on your Fringe journey:

Download the Producers Pack 

Download How to Register an Event

Watch our how-to register video in AUSLAN.


Melbourne Fringe Registration Fees:

  • Non-ticketed Event (e.g. free) OR one-off Ticketed Event - $275 (Early Bird - $225)
  • 2-3 Ticketed Sessions - $355 (Early Bird - $305)
  • 4+ Ticketed Sessions - $425 (Early Bird - $375)

Register your event before the 15 MAY and receive an Early Bird discount of $50 off the cost of your registration.

The registration fee covers everything from inclusion in the Festival Guide and dedicated listing on our website, to year-round access to support and services, artist development opportunities, free information sessions, discounts on advertising, touring and awards opportunities and don’t forget the all-coveted artist pass, granting you access to hundreds of Melbourne Fringe Festival shows for free.  And discounts on beer.  Mmmm... cheap beer. So many goodies!

Need some help to cover your registration fee? Check out our Grants. 

Ready to go? Register now!

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To start the registration process you just need a valid email address to create an account and password. You can save the form and return to complete it anytime before 29 MAY. Download and read our How to Register an Event guide for step-by-step instructions. Our Registration Site is hosted by