Fringe Focus Taiwan

Fringe Focus Taiwan

Melbourne Fringe and the Ministry of Culture, Republic of China (Taiwan) present Fringe Focus Taiwan – a live VR experience bringing the best artists from Taiwan to Melbourne. Now in its second year, this international collaboration is a coming-together across borders, in a time when everyone is craving an international holiday.

In 2021, Melbourne Fringe is bringing Taiwan’s most ground-breaking contemporary and experimental digital artists to one of Melbourne’s best bars for one massive virtual reality art party.

Fringe Focus Taiwan is a live VR experience, where you can sip cocktails, whack on a headset, and watch some wild Taiwanese VR films and digital art. Guaranteed to be the best overseas trip you’ll have had in two years.

15-20 November 2021
Loop Project Space & Bar
23 Meyers Pl, Melbourne

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Image credit: In The Mist, Photo by Kris Kang.


About the Events

IT-ME: TIME TRAVELLER BETA2021 is a work by Taiwanese artist and digital mystic Betty Apple, introducing  you to Beta – a futuristic mermaid, creature from an alternate dimension who travels through time and land on the Earth; falling on to the island of Taiwan in 2021. An AV installation running throughout Fringe Focus Taiwan at Loop Project Space & Bar. Read more here.

Acclaimed theatre and new media director Chou Tung-Yen invites you to IN THE MIST, a voyeuristic journey through a male sauna, revealing the life experience of underground gay culture. Tickets here.

Every year the indigenous people of Orchid Island celebrate the migration of the flying fish. In OFFING, explore the stunning island surrounds and observe how climate change and globalisation is threatening fish and island life. Tickets here.

AFTERIMAGE FOR TOMORROW is an intricately choreographed exploration, set in a futuristic world where memories can be uploaded. How long will the images and memories we create today live into the future? Tickets here.

The spirit of Taiwan’s indigenous peoples comes alive in the shared experience of music and dance. In A SONG WITHIN US, you may learn how tribal hierarchy and culture is passed down through generations, while enjoying this Annual Ceremony. Tickets here.

A wedding android is hired to help with the ceremony. But something has gone wrong. MECHANICAL SOULS is an interactive social experience powered by VR, analytic engine, live actors, and your own sleuthing skills. Tickets here.

All events are FREE but with bookings required. Each event has limited sessions, so book now before you miss out.

Fringe Focus Taiwan is supported by The Ministry of Culture, Republic of China (Taiwan) and Cultural Division, Taipei Economic and Cultural Office in Sydney.