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(But we’ll probably do it faster than that)

 We’re pretty sure our new donations video is about to go viral, turn up the volume and say you saw it first. It’s going to be bigger than the sneezing panda.

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The world’s holding out for a hero or two, and we know exactly where to find them. Melbourne Fringe is all about the artist – we unearth the young, nurture the emerging and provide the next step for mid-career and leading artists. We help build the culture-makers that will change the world – and we’re bloody good at it. 

However big or small (or big) your donation, every bit helps us change the world. Each September we turn a major city into a thriving hub of genre-defining art – imagine what we can do with $20, $200, $2,000, $20,000?? 

Remember: Fringe doesn’t just happen at Festival time – we’re here all year.

Go on. Swing us some change.
(Then add a zero.)

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Why Fringe, why?

Great power and great responsibility don’t come cheap. Your donation helps us fight the good fight. How? Well, aside from being tax-deductible and feel-good-inducing, your dollars and cents will help fund our vital and career-defining Artist Development programs including Deadly Fringe, supporting emerging artists who identify as Aboriginal or Torres Strait Islander. It will also help us continue our relationship with our Compass mentees, comprised of emerging artists with and without disability, and support artists to develop and make their work through our Microgrants initiative. Finally, a donation to Melbourne Fringe allows us to continue providing hard-core hands-on support to all artists at every step along the Great Road to the Festival, including hugely successful artistic skills workshops and step-by- step info sessions. Phew. Talk about bang for your buck! 

Melbourne Fringe is a registered non-profit. Every donation of $2 or more is tax deductible, so by making a donation to Melbourne Fringe, you’re actually saving money (well, you know… ask your accountant. Actually don’t. Just donate. Ask later. 

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Will I be famous?

No. But we will love you forever and ever and you’ll even get some recognition to give you that street cred you’ve always wanted. For more information about the different levels of giving, please click here.


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