Arts Sector Resources

At Melbourne Fringe, we want to equip artists, producers and arts workers with everything they need to put on a successful event, develop their skills and keep contributing to this killer industry of ours. If you are searching for answers (hey, aren’t we all?), here are some handy resources to help you. We’ve got everything from a budget template to tips on writing a press release.


Melbourne Fringe passionately encourages artists and producers to consider ways to make events more accessible for the broader community, including those living with disability or who are Deaf. Whether that’s through organising an Auslan interpreted evening, going all out and making a physical theatre work with a high visual rating or opening up a session as a relaxed performance option, there’s plenty you can do and we’re happy to help you get started (we mentioned we are passionate about this right?).

Producers Guide to Access

This guide includes a bunch of tips on making your event as accessible as possible – and why it’s important.

Image Description with Carly Findlay

Creating image descriptions is a cheap and easy way to improve social media accessibility. Find out how in this webinar.

Deaf Culture Training with Jo Dunbar

New to understanding Deaf Culture and want to make your event accessible for Deaf and Hard of Hearing Audiences? Watch the webinar here.

Producing Basics

Guide to Producing 101

We know it can seem like there are 20 million important things to take care of. Don’t worry, we feel you. Here’s a heads up on all the need-to-knows!

Using Music in your Event

We know you’ve got better playlists than anyone else, but here’s a good one to read before you pick up the aux cord.

Venue Agreement Template

If you liked it then you shoulda put an agreement on it! Get everyone on the same page with this venue agreement template.

Digital and Remote Art

Guide to Digital and Remote Art

Learn and get inspired about creating and presenting digital and remote art.

Talking Digital Art Webinar

A panel discussion with Program Manager Anna Nalpantidis and award-winning Fringe artists Harriet Gillies, Roshelle Fong and Joel Bray

Digital Art x Accessibility Webinar

A panel discussion featuring Carly Findlay, Nat’s What I reckon, Jacci Pillar, Erin Kyan, Laila Thaker and Ricky Buchanan.

Marketing and Publicity

Guide to Marketing 101

You asked. We delivered. Here is a Marketing Pack for independent artists – chock-full of all the tips and tricks you’ll need to market your event like a boss.

How to Write a Media Release

Find out how to make your event stand out from the bunch and catch the eye of the press.

Marketing Plan Template

Nothing sexier to marketers than a good plan! We’ve already got one started for you, just plug and play.

Money and Contracts

Guide to Budgets and Grants 101

Creating a detailed and realistic budget is key to successful producing. This guide includes basic tips to budgeting, grant writing and setting your ticket prices.

Budget Template

We’re almost certain your amazing production is going to make you filthy rich. But it can’t hurt to make sure right? Punch the figures in here and watch those numbers crunch.

Artist Agreement Template

Make it official with this Letter of Agreement template.

Wellbeing and Sustainability

Wellbeing Guide

We all know that working in the arts, for all it’s joy and merriment, can be gruelling, stressful and anxiety inducing. Psychologist Chris Cheers has put this guide together to help with some of the tougher times.

Guide to Sustainability

Events (at every scale) can make a significant impact, using resources and taking a toll on society and the environment. Here’s a few pointers on keeping it clean (don’t worry your show content can still be as filthy as you like).

Let's Talk: Dealing with Uncertainty

Just because it’s familiar doesn’t mean it’s easy. This workshop by Fringe favourite arts-focused psychologist Chris Cheers is all about dealing with uncertainty

Let's Talk: COVID Safety

Need some expert advice when it comes to COVID-Safety? Melbourne Fringe risk consultant Em O’Brien is here to talk you through all you need to know.