Participate in the Festival

Find your art a home

Where’s your event going to happen? The 2020 Festival is a unique opportunity to get creative about how – and where – to share your art with a physically distanced world. If you’re making visual art, can it be presented in a public space? Can your performance take place behind a shop-front window for passers-by? Or is it a live-stream from your bath?

Take part in one of four ways.


1. Online!

If your art lives in the digital realm (for the sake of physically distancing or otherwise), maybe you’ll be hosting your event at home, or another found space that you’re in charge of. We’re open to pretty much anything as long as it’s safe and legal, so once you’re clear on what you’re thinking (and what you need) check in with our team to ensure your venue dreams are possible.

Check out our Guide to Digital and Physically Distanced Art for some hot tips.

2. DIY Show, BYO venue 

Go your own way. Found some empty offices to exhibit in? Or a shut-down bar to tell stories from? Or are you just inviting the audience to sit on your back lawn and watch you dance? If you’ve got the perfect venue for your event, let us (and them) know!

3. Be Part of an Established Venue

Expressions of Interest are open now

Melbourne is brimming with super venues that put together impressive programs of events just for Melbourne Fringe. Some operate year-round, some just pop up for the Festival, some are artform-specific (programming cabaret or circus or comedy) and other times they’re a lucky dip of Fringe goodness. Either way, presenting at one of our Established Venues guarantees you’re playing alongside other Fringe artists in a space with serious Fringey vibes.

For some of these spaces, programming is by application only – you can find their Expression of Interest forms here.

No dice? No worries. You can find plenty more potential art-homes in our registration system, Eventotron. Start your registration and then search and filter the Venue Browser to your heart’s content.

4. Be part of the Trades Hall Festival Hub

Expressions of Interest have now closed.

It’ll look a bit different this year, but the Trades Hall Festival Hub will be open for business. We’ll be running a usual mix of trad theatre spaces, as well as plenty of nooks and crannies to house physically distant work.

Wondering if your show is suited to the Hub? These events tend to share the following characteristics:

• They’re light on infrastructure and able to work with a shared lighting rig
• They can be bumped in and out within a shared window of 15 mins
• They share the Fringe philosophy of celebrating difference and amplifying voices from the margins
• Their makers know who their work is aimed at and know how to reach that audience

Contact Us

If you need help finding a venue or are considering applying for the Festival Hub, call our Participant Services team direct on their working from home hotline 0434 019 817, give the Fringe Office a call on (03) 9660 9600 or flick us an email on 

You can also contact us through the National Relay Service – just give Melbourne Fringe’s digits.