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Festival Resource Hub

We have a shiny new home for all the things you need to know about Festival 2021 – it’s our Resource Hub! This one-stop-shop contains handy resources from marketing tips to budgeting templates, plus news, videos, opportunities and updates, all filed and finessed in a way that is easy to search and find exactly what you’re looking for. For maximum accessibility, all the info is in multiple formats so you can digest it the way that works for you. We’ll be updating it regularly with new info and deadline reminders, so bookmark it now and be sure to check back regularly.

More browsable than Instagram (without those weird, targeted ads for skin creams), the Resource Hub is where you can get all the stuff you need and skip past the stuff you don’t.

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Our one-stop shop for everything you need to know about taking part in the 2021 Festival. Marketing tips, budgeting templates, opportunities and more.

Salon Sessions

Your chance to get priceless face-to-face advice from Melbourne Fringe staff. The first session is on 25 May, so book now!

Quick Chat Videos

If short and sweet videos or audio recordings work for you, check out our Quick Chat series for all the key rego info.