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Frequently Asked Questions about Registration

We reckon you’ve landed on this page because a) you’re keen to register for Melbourne Fringe Festival and b) you’ve got questions. Maybe even some “frequently asked” ones. We’ve tried our best to answer them all below, but if we’ve missed anything, give our Participant Services team a buzz on (03) 9660 9600 or We update these FAQs regularly as your questions come in.


What date is the 2021 Melbourne Fringe Festival?

The 2021 Festival is happening 30 September to 17 October.

When can I register?

Registrations will open in May 2021.

Can my show / event / exhibition be in the Melbourne Fringe Festival 2020?

This one is easy. The answer is yes! Anyone can be part of the Festival. We’re a proudly inclusive, open access Festival. We’re all about variety, whichever form that comes in. Arts-focused or not, we welcome events of all kinds.

Do I have to audition or submit any material to be selected?

Nope! Art is for everyone and everyone is welcome, all you need to do is register your event.

What’s an Open Access Festival?
An Open Access festival means anyone can be a part of it, and all work is presented by the artists or their independent producers. Melbourne Fringe Festival provides a thorough framework to support the presentation of their events, but we do not “buy in” (i.e. provide artist guarantees) for individual shows – any monetary support we can offer is done through our Money for Art programs.
How can I take part in the Festival?

There are four ways you can get involved:

  1. Be part of our Festival Hub – Expressions of interest will open in May.
  2. Be part of an established venue – A list of venues accepting Expressions of Interest will be hosted on our website when we open regos.
  3. DIY Show, BYO venue– Go your own way. Found an empty window to exhibit in? Or are you just inviting the audience to sit on your back lawn and watch you dance? If you’ve got the perfect venue for your event, let us (and them) know!
  4. Digital Fringe – If your event happens online, and your audience experience it from home, you can register your event on our Digital platform.
What is Digital Fringe?

We developed a bespoke platform for hosting a wide variety of digital events. Digital Fringe had it’s first test outing at VCR Fest in July-Aug 2020, and then at the 2020 Melbourne Fringe Festival. You can read a bit about how it works here.

Can I register for Digital Fringe in 2021?

Whatever happens in 2021, we’re taking what we learnt about digital art with us. We had excellent feedback from the community around the increased accessibility and freedom that Digital Fringe gave them to attend and connect at the Festival. Short answer? It might look a little different, but digital events will still be part of the 2021 Festival!

How do I register?

When you’re ready to register, you will be able to hop online and register your event using our registration system Eventotron (very space age, we know). You will be required to provide us with a range of information, including:

  • An awesome event + Event Title
  • A short blurb describing your event – keep it short, sharp and savvy
  • A great image – we’ll use this on our website so make it pop!
  • Your venue
  • Dates and times of performances, or exhibition opening hours
  • Ticket prices (if applicable)
  • If you have one, some or all of these but don’t know what to do, contact our friendly Participant Services Team
What do I get for my registration?

Your Registration Fee covers everything from:

  • Inclusion in the Melbourne Fringe Festival
  • Dedicated event listing on our website (our website receives over 1 million hits during the Festival)
  • Access support and services
  • Artist Development opportunities
  • Free info sessions
  • Discounts on advertising and printing
  • Touring and Awards opportunities
  • Don’t forget the all-coveted artists pass (granting you access to hundreds of Festival shows for free)
So, what do I need to do to produce an event?

Aside from having an amazing idea, and making brilliant art, you will need to produce your event (or hire a producer). Melbourne Fringe does not produce events for artists. Producing a show involves everything from securing a venue, managing the budget, scheduling rehearsals, marketing and publicity, ticketing, sourcing technical equipment if required, obtaining insurance and licences and much more. We provide you with a variety of great resources and free information sessions to guide you through all of this, and are always on the end of the phone to offer advice, but it is up to you to make the event happen.

Does Melbourne Fringe take a percentage of my ticket sales?

There is an inside charge per ticket, included in the ticket price you advertise for your event. In 2020, the inside charges were the following amounts per ticket sold through our ticketing system:

  • Inside charge for tickets under $10: $1.50
  • Inside charge for tickets under $15: $3.00
  • Inside charge for tickets $15 – $24.99: $3.50
  • Inside charge for tickets $25 – $39.99: $4.00
  • Inside charge for tickets over $40: $4.50

So, if you require $15 from your ticket for your budgeted sales income, your advertised ticket price should be $18 ($15 to you and $3 commission to Melbourne Fringe). We don’t take any of the money from tickets you sell on the door at your event (one hour prior to the performance), but your venue may, so keep this in mind.

Can you help me find a venue?

When we open regos, we’ll host a list of venue EOIs on our website. You can also use the venue browser on our registrations system Eventotron. If you still need help, get in touch. Our participant services team are expert match makers and will do their best to help point you in the right direction.

How do I apply to be part of the Festival Hub at Trades Hall?

The Festival Hub at Trades Hall in Carlton is programmed and run by Melbourne Fringe. EOIs for the Festival Hub will open in May 2021.

What’s the difference between the Festival Hub and Fringe Common Rooms?

Fringe Common Rooms is our year-round venue, programmed in the Ballroom and the Lounge at Trades Hall. Common Rooms houses mostly one-off events and we program it all year-round. The Festival Hub operates in multiple rooms throughout Trades Hall (including Common Rooms) and is only active during the 2.5 weeks of the Festival each year. If you want to submit an expression of interest for Fringe Common Rooms, go here.

I’m from overseas or interstae – can I put on a show or event at the 2021 Melbourne Fringe Festival?

Normally, the answer is YES. However, we know just as much (or as little) as you do about what travel and visa restrictions will be in place in Victoria and Australia in September-October 2021. Either way, artists from anywhere in the world can participate online, or in another totally inventive, totally physically distant way.

Please note, as all Festival events are self-produced, if you do into to travel for the Festival from overseas you will need to make your own visa arrangements.

What’s FringeMakers?

FringeMakers is our home for past/present/future participants of the Melbourne Fringe Festival and Fringe Common Rooms. It’s the best place to get the most up to date info on the latest artist opportunities and help you with all that registration bizz. Follow FringeMakers here.

Where can I go for more information?

Chat to us! We are available to answer any questions you throw our way. Call the Participant Services team on (03) 9660 9600 or flick us an email on

You can also contact us through the National Relay Service – just give Melbourne Fringe’s digits.

You can also stay in touch by signing up to our eNews or following us on FacebookTwitter or Instagram.