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Round three registrations for the 2020 Melbourne Fringe Festival (12-29 November) are open

That’s right, there’s no registration closing date this year. We may already be on sale, but it’s not too late to register your art. Register before 11 Nov and we’ll get your event on sale as soon as possible. Register from 12 Nov and you’ll need to get in touch on Find out more in our Guide to Melbourne Fringe Festival in 2020.

We’ve seen creativity flourish over the last few months. Crisis breeds innovation, and not only has the online space exploded with genre-bending projects, but artists are finding new ways to engage their audience in safe, inclusive and exciting ways. As we start to imagine what comes next, we’re inviting you to share your vision of the future at the Melbourne Fringe Festival 2020 – after the hibernation’s over, how do we be better than before?

Emerge into the new world with the Festival that celebrates creativity and diversity in all its glory. Online, in person, or a bit of both, we’re making space for your art – plus you’ll get to enjoy the warm embrace of our artistic community’s giant retractable arms.


Read our registration FAQs
Why should you register?

2020’s been a ride – we get it. And Melbourne Fringe Festival 2020 isn’t pretending like things are business as usual.

As we start to piece the world back together, we want to hear from you, our artists. What’s your vision for the future? Amongst all the chaos and uncertainty, we need your big, beautiful ideas about what the future holds.

We’ve got a bunch of different ways to help you get your work out into the world, including a new digital platform for events in a physically distanced world, extra support for artists with more microgrants and flexible registration payment plans – plus, as always, you’ve got access to the Fringe Brains Trust, a team of dedicated staff and friends-you-haven’t-met-yet ready and waiting for your emails, phone calls or Zooms.

At a time when community and connectivity seem more important than ever, we’re not backing down from our commitment to diversity, inclusion, freedom of expression, and amplifying voices on the margins. And because Fringe is open access, that means that anyone can register to be part of the Festival.

What do you get for with your registration?
  • Inclusion in the 2020 Melbourne Fringe Festival, which given the circumstances promises to be one of our most unique, surprising and special Festivals ever.
  • Dedicated event listing on our website (and not to brag but our website receives over one million hits during the Festival)
  • For digital events, access to our bespoke digital platform, designed to give your audience the full Festival experience (Foyer chat! Digital flyering! Beer!) – without having to leave their homes
  • Access support and services
  • Artist Development opportunities
  • Free info sessions about everything from marketing to budgeting and self-care come Festival time
  • Discounts on advertising and printing
  • Touring and Awards opportunities
  • Plus the the all-coveted, literally priceless Artist Pass, granting you free access to tons of Festival shows!


Key registration dates

There are three key dates to remember for registrations this year (actually, there are about eleven key dates to remember, but these two are pretty important).

1 June – Round one artist regos open for Pants Off events

What’s a “Pants Off” event? Art for a physically distanced world, where the audience experience your work from the comfort and safety of their own home.

We’ve developed a digital platform that means the Melbourne Fringe Festival 2020 can happen online – artists share their work in a central location, and punters get the full Fringe experience (except on the internet… and possibly without pants).

Think small, think big, think sideways – from pre-recorded shows to live stream videos, podcasts, radio plays, interactive streams, one-on-one online experiences, digital exhibitions, Zoom parties, online panel discussions, even phone art.

1 July – Round two artist regos open for Pants On events

Pants On events = art that people can experience live and in the flesh. Maybe your “Pants On” event happens on the street, or in a shopfront window, a by-appointment-only gallery space, or even in a physically-distanced venue – wherever it happens, your audience can attend live and in person (pants essential).

If you’ve got an idea let’s talk – phone, email, Zoom, whatever (just make sure you’re wearing pants).

14 September – Round three artist regos open

Great news: there’s no rego closing date this year. You can register at any time, but in round three we can’t guarantee you’ll get on sale in time for our program launch on 22 October. We’ve got our best people on it though, so if it’s not 22 October it will be very soon after.

Wanna learn more? Read our Guide to Melbourne Fringe Festival in 2020 here.

What do you need to register?

So you’re ready to register your event? You’ve read all our resources and you know this website like the back of your hand? Great! You can head over to Eventotron and start your registration!* Here’s what you’ll need:

  • A cracker of an idea – whether it’s just-taking-shape or years-in-the-making.
  • A home for your art – as always (but especially given the circumstances) we’re encouraging you to think outside the box.
  • Dates and times – when is your event going to happen?
  • Ticket prices – ‘free’ is also an option, or for digital events you can allow the audience to “Choose Their Price” (see Do Some Sums for more info)
  • A blurb describing your awesome event – keep it short and sharp. Sell it to your audience!
  • An image that can be used for publicity and marketing – have a look at previous Fringe programs to get an idea of what works

*There are lots of steps involved in registering your event on Eventotron, so put aside a bit of time to have a look through all the questions before you get start.

Need help? Call the Participant Services team direct on their working from home hotline 0434 019 817, or flick them an email on You can also contact us through the National Relay Service – just give Melbourne Fringe’s digits.


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